Maria: Decorative elements that evoke the leaves of a plant
Luca Nichetto

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Maria is a captivating masterpiece of irony, born from the brilliant creativity of the award-winning Luca Nichetto. It's a system of unique decorative elements that evoke the delicate leaves of a plant.
The combination of multiple elements of Maria allows for the creation of highly decorative and incredibly versatile suspended dividers. With Maria, the possibilities are endless. Its "leaves" can be used to craft captivating visual separations, shield specific areas, or simply add a suspended decorative element that transforms the space.
The lightweight plastic used to create Maria allows light to pass through, creating luminous and evocative effects. It's like having nature itself suspended in the air. Maria's leaves by Casamania are also suitable for outdoor environments to create dividers or decorations in outdoor spaces, such as terraces or gardens. Maria is designed to withstand the weather, ensuring that its beauty remains intact over time.
With Maria, the possibilities are limitless. It can be used to define relaxation areas in offices or add a touch of natural beauty to public places like restaurants or outdoor cafes. Moreover, in retail environments, Maria becomes a multifunctional decorative element, allowing spaces to be divided in an aesthetically pleasing and captivating manner.
Horm Italia Srl | via A. Carpenè 17 | Brugnera (PN) | Italy
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