Alieno: A melody of purity and precision
Luca Nichetto

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We furnish living spaces by creating emotions
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Elegance is a symphony of shapes and materials, and it is upon this very principle that the design of the Alieno chairs, crafted by the creative duo GamFratesi, is founded. The name of the Alieno collection traces its origins to a fundamental social premise: the embrace of the other. Embracing is not merely accommodating, but it is also the art of creating room for others, sharing, and accepting the different, the 'alien,' with utmost respect.
Every single detail of Alieno is a melody of purity and precision. These chairs are expertly crafted from metal rod, forging a perfect equilibrium between form and function. Alieno is a work of craftsmanship, the outcome of an art that embraces minimalism without compromising comfort.
Alieno is a chair that beckons you to take a moment, to immerse yourself in the art of seating and the spirit of hospitality. It is a statement of taste, a piece of design that metamorphoses outdoor spaces into a stage of timeless elegance.
Alieno serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of inclusion, dialogue, and hospitality, all while imparting a touch of refinement to every corner of our world.
Horm Italia Srl | via A. Carpenè 17 | Brugnera (PN) | Italy
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