Rememberme: the desire to keep the past
Tobias Juretzek / 2011

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We furnish living spaces by creating emotions
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The race to the future and the desire to keep the past alive coexist in the Rememberme chair. A collection that gives new life to clothes that are unconscious memory capsules.
Clothes provided by customers or from recycling companies become valuable materials for the creation of unique furniture. A special vegetable-based resin is mixed with the fabrics, transforming the chairs into authentic works of art.
Rememberme creates a conceptual framework: the desire to create new bonds by transporting highly emotional clothing in an industrial context.
Rememberme is also a bistro table for furnishing café bars and trendy venues with unique and exclusive elements.
Rememberme designer Tobias Juretzek's signature style lies in three-dimensional experimentation and constant research, discovering new facets in different areas of design.
Horm Italia Srl | via A. Carpenè 17 | Brugnera (PN) | Italy
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